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UTM Athletics announces leaderboard for Leaders Credit Union Student Rewards Program

The Leaders Credit Union Student Rewards Program is a semester-long competition challenging students to attend athletic events for the chance to win prizes. By checking in at sports events, Skyhawks gain points for the opportunity to win a Macbook Air, an Apple Watch, a pair of Airpods, a Smart TV, or a Sound Bar.

Students and community members interested in signing up for event reminders can text "Skyhawks" to 67283. By joining the texting list, you will receive notification reminder texts to let you know when events are taking place and when extra points are being awarded.

Top 10, as of Oct 31:

  1. Tyler Swearengen - 13

  2. Katherine Hilfiker - 9

  3. Tiere Avant - 9

  4. Audrey Sevier - 9

  5. Gretchen Marek - 9

  6. Mah Minthe - 8

  7. Whitley Johnson - 8

  8. Alivia Smeelink - 8

  9. Reyna Joyner - 8

  10. Andre Brown - 8

Prizes will be given away to the Top 5 students who have accumulated the most points throughout the year. The top 5-point leaders will be recognized at the UTMmys banquet in the spring sponsored by Leaders Credit Union. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third, fourth and fifth places.

If you would like to know where you are in the points standing, email us at

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