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WUTM is the student broadcast voice of the University of Tennessee at Martin. Our station offers a variety of music, including top 100 hits from country to hip-hop, as well as news and weather. Our staff hosts weekly radio shows including The Bench (sports talk), SGA Roundup, Behind the Mic, Let's Talk Greek, and For the Record (campus news).


The primary purpose of this radio station is to provide a broadcast facility that will meet the needs of the university community and the public. With the comprehensive needs of the locality as the guide, the objective of this station is to provide well-rounded informational, intellectual, educational, and cultural offerings. This station provides educational opportunities for students which they might not otherwise have access to. By providing programming of diverse interests, this station serves the educational and communication needs of the entire community. By providing programming which emphasizes recent developments in various disciplines, this station serves to aid in the renewal of knowledge essential to a vital intellectual climate.




The mission statement of WUTM is to train students at The University of Tennessee at Martin in the field of radio broadcasting while serving the public in both the academic and outlying communities.

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