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Guidelines and Copy Samples

WUTM On-Air Copy Guidelines

Insofar as is practical, WUTM corporate support policies shall parallel those that have been established for National Public Radio (NPR) and have been recommended for local corporate support use, and shall concur with current WUTM and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) policies. To help maintain the overall noncommercial appearance of a funding message, copy should identify, but not promote the funder. WUTM management reserves right of approval of all corporate support announcements.

Specifically, corporate support announcements may NOT contain:

  • Call to action (e.g., “bring your car to us,” “call 974-6167 for more information” or “visit us on the Web at...”).

  • Superlative description, qualitative claim or subjective statements about the company, its products or its services (e.g., “the best car ever built,” “leading,” “leader,” “leadership,” “a great partnership,” “whimsical”).

  • Direct or insinuated comparisons with other companies or with other companies’ products or services (e.g., “when Cadillac just isn’t good enough,” “we’re better than the rest,” “award-winning” or “AAA certified”).

  • Price or value information (e.g., “only $160 down,” “tickets are $10” or “admission is free”).

  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease (e.g., “six months free, when you sign up today” or “on sale now”).

  • Endorsements (e.g., “recommended by four out of five customers” or “used by professional golfers”).

In addition, corporate support announcements:

  • Must begin with the standard introductory phrase “Support for WUTM comes from” followed by the corporate supporter’s name.

  • May be up to 30 seconds long, including the standard WUTM introductory phrase referenced above.

  • Beyond the introductory phrase, a corporate support announcement may repeat the organization’s name a maximum of one additional time and identify the organization through:
    • Neutral description of products, services or capabilities.
    • Recognized corporate “official slogan” that identifies the company (see guidelines for official slogans).
    • Address of business location(s), and/or a website address and/or a phone number.
    • Organizational mission.
    • Length of time the organization has been in business.

  • Must be in third person. Second-person references may be included ONLY in official slogans.

Corporate Support Credit Samples

WUTM's coverage of Westview Basketball is made possible in part by an underwriting grant from Scott Taylor State Farm Insurance Agent. They are located at 405 South Lindell Street in Downtown Martin and offer full service insurance including home, auto, health and life insurance. They may be reached at 731-587-9533. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Scott Taylor, State Farm Insurance Agent is a proud supporter of WUTM 90.3 The Hawk and the Westview Chargers.

Programming on WUTM is brought to you in part by Nanney Farms Pumpkin Patch. Located at 1767 sharon road in Sharon, Nanney Farms Pumpkin Patch has a variety of pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors. Fall attractions start on September 22nd and include a petting zoo and corn maze. On October 13th, Nanney Farms will host a haunted corn maze starting at 8:30 pm. Nanney Farms Pumpkin Patch can be contacted at 731-514-2431. Nanney Farms Pumpkin Patch proudly supports WUTM 90.3 The Hawk.

Official Slogans in WUTM Corporate Support Announcements

A statement may be considered an “official slogan” by WUTM if it conforms with the following guidelines:

  • The statement consistently has been used verbatim by the organization for a period of time long enough to establish the statement as an identifier of the organization. For WUTM purposes, a statement must be used by an organization as a slogan for about one year. Taglines are NOT allowed.

  • The statement consistently has been used verbatim by the organization in multiple communications outlets, such as the Website masthead, t-shirts and other specialty items, business cards, letterhead, fax cover sheets and postcards.

  • The statement consistently has been used verbatim by the organization in all radio, television and print advertisements.


In addition, to be considered for use in a corporate support credit, the statement must conform with WUTM corporate support guidelines:

  • The statement must not refer to a specific product or service.The statement must not contain qualitative, comparative, promotional or price/value language.

An organization requesting to include an official slogan in a corporate support announcement must provide the following to WUTM:

  • Samples of where and how the statement has been used.

  • The length of time the statement has been used.

Statements approved as official slogans by WUTM may be used in corporate support copy provided the slogan is used verbatim and stands alone in a corporate support credit to identify but not promote the corporate supporter.

Additional Information

WUTM is a public radio station licensed to the University of Tennessee System and carries no on-air advertising. One of the ways WUTM helps fund its programming and general operations is by seeking corporate support from corporations, foundations and associations.FCC regulations govern all corporate support announcements by public radio stations and NPR. The regulations require stations and NPR to provide on-air recognition of funders while stipulating that these credit announcements are strictly for identification; they cannot be promotional.

In establishing its on-air credit guidelines, WUTM is sensitive to the expectations of the public radio audience and remains faithful to public radio’s mandate to provide educational, cultural and informational programs independent of commercial obligations or influence. Funds may be accepted from any source. However, WUTM reserves the right to turn down funding if there is any conflict of interest or possible perception of influence on program content. Corporate supporters are identified by mention of their legal or recognized name. Additional information may be used to further clarify identification but should not promote donors’ companies, products or services. Acknowledgments should not interrupt the continuity of the programs or detract from the content or sound quality of the programs with which they are associated.

Support & Development Staff

Carlin Cochran

Support & Development Director


Carlin is a sophomore Broadcast-Mass Media and Strategic Communication major with a Theater minor, from Centerville, Tennessee. Outside of WUTM, Carlin is involved in the Fine Arts Department at UT Martin. After graduation, she hopes to be a theater and journalism teacher. 

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