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Updates made to the Campus Bike Share program

The Campus Bike Share program is getting a bit of a face-lift!

In addition to the two bikes at the University Center Station and three bikes at the Brehm Hall Station, five additional bikes are being added: one at the University Center Station, two at a new Station at Gooch Hall, and two at a new Station at the Student Recreation Center.

Additionally, there is a new App to check bikes out. The old Motavic App is no longer in use. Instead, bikes may be checked out with the new App “On Bike Share.” A major advantage of this new App is that bikes no longer need to be checked back in when users finish a rental. The rental ends when the bike is clicked back into the lock at one of the four bike stations.

As before, the App, and bike rentals, are free, and the maximum time limit for rentals is six hours. Bluetooth must be turned on to use the App, and it works best if Wi-Fi is turned off to check out the bike. Detailed instructions are on the bike stations.


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