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Free Health Fair

As a part of the ongoing Civil Rights Conference, there will be a health fair on Feb. 25 from 10-3 pm at the Boling University Center Ballroom. The event is being hosted by The Office of University Relations, Multicultural Affairs, and Civil Rights Conference.

The health fair will feature;

  • Free screenings for vision, hearing, diabetes, and blood pressure

  • Free chiropractic and dental health evaluations

  • Health clinic and medical insurance information

  • Training in the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, and Narcan administration to prevent drug overdose deaths

  • Samples of self-care products and services from Buff City Soaps and Browz and Tingz

  • Information on sexual health care, chronic disease prevention, suicide prevention, dating violence, exercise classes, holistic wellness, eating disorders, mental health, and much more

More information can be found on Runway.

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