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Alex Sadler: Continuing a music career

At least seven. That’s how many bands UT Martin senior music education major and Sharon, TN native, Alex Sadler, plays with.

Alex Sadler pictured playing the drums.

Since he was young, Sadler wanted to start a band and play in front of people, but he knew it was up to him to find a way to play commercial music while studying classical music and jazz. So, as a senior in high school, he created his first band, the Perplexors. The 4-piece played a lot of 90’s rock and performed a few shows around the community, but ultimately disbanded.

His most recent musical endeavor has been creating and being the frontman of the Lindell Street Blues Band, named after Lindell Street in downtown Martin. The 10-or-more-piece group is a passion project he worked on for years, always dreaming about being a part of a rhythm and blues band, just like the one portrayed in The Blues Brothers.

The band has been successful, playing and winning many talent competitions in the area and continually showing the talent that the university produces.

Even his free time is filled with music. Sadler, being a multi-instrumentalist, is often hired to fill in for gigs for other groups when core members can’t attend.

“When I’m not playing bass and leading Lindell Street, I am the fill-in drummer for Oxford Street Jazz, Aftermath, Martin House Band, and Jordan Skoda and Damnwrights. I am also the keyboard/bass player for Hunter Cross. If I am not filling in for these groups, I am also one of the keyboard players that work with the Deep Roots band that operates out of Memphis.”

The connections he’s made and the work he’s put in have allowed Sadler to have amazing opportunities in the world of music. Over the summer, he joined the tail end of singer/songwriter Dustin Kines’ tour in Ohio. “It was a great experience to travel outside of the state and meet different musicians and crowds from different parts of the country. I hope to be a part of greater shows in the future.”

He says that it’s hard living in an area without much live music culture that cities like Memphis or Nashville have. Still, he is grateful to be able to help grow and contribute to the culture that does exist in the community.

After graduating from UT Martin in December, he plans to move to Knoxville and pursue a master’s degree in jazz studies, assimilate into the music scene there and play with as

many people at as many venues as possible.

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