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Work-study and student employment at UTM during online Spring semester

UT Martin students have had questions about work-study and student employment during this new online portion of the Spring semester.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Andy Lewter says in an email to all UTM students that the Chancellors staff have made a decision that students can work March 12 and 13, if they choose to and are needed.

However, starting Saturday, March 14, and continuing through Sunday, April 5th, students will not be allowed to work on campus unless it is deemed by the supervisor and Vice Chancellor that they are essential employees.

In the email, Dr. Lewter says this situation has been, and will continue to be, very fluid during the coming weeks.

The email also has specific information that was released by the Department of Education regarding federal work-study funds.

Federal work-study employees will continue to be paid from their work-study funds as if they were still working. This does not include students who are departmentally paid.

The supervisors are supposed to complete and sign the student worker's time sheet that includes their regularly scheduled hours and send to Human Resources for processing.

Dr. Lewter says that supervisors should still track the funding and not overspend the allocated $2,500.00.

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