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Westview Stumps Huntingdon Late to Take Down Region 7 In Back to Back Seasons

The stage was set for a massive region matchup between Westview and Huntingdon on Friday night. The Chargers came into the game riding a 5 game winning streak. Huntingdon had not lost a game since the opening week of the season against a juggernaut McKenzie team. Westview was fueled by big plays in the first half. After no score through the first quarter, Drew Shanklin broke free for a 90 yard touchdown to begin the second quarter of action. Ross then found Omarion Harris for an 80 yard touchdown, and Quincy Hamilton from 33 yards out to take a 21-7 lead into the half. The second half is where the slugfest commenced. It was back and forth until the final whistle. Huntingdon came back from 13 down to tie the game at 27 apiece with the extra point looming. Westview's all time leader in tackles, Hayden Smith, broke through the line to block the extra point. With 3:21 remaining in the game, quarterback Craig Ross lead the Charger offense down the field and found Quincy Hamilton in the corner of the endzone to put the Chargers up 34-27 with only 42 seconds remaining. The drama didn't end there. Huntingdon benefited off of two personal foul penalties to give them one final shot at the endzone. The playmaker for this Westview team all season, Quincy Hamilton, was lurking in the endzone for not only the game sealing interception, but the region clinching interception. Westview has the week off but when they come back, they will travel to Ripley to take on the Tigers on Friday, October, 21.

Photo Credits to Weakly County Press

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