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Weakley County Schools to stay open and reassess situation

Weakley County School officials released a statement on Mar. 13 about school schedules over the next weeks. The announcement came after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations for health and safety.

According to the statement, classes will continue until further notice. Family members are allowed to bring medicines or other essential items to the school office, but visitors at lunch or activities are suspended.

After school programs at Dresden Elementary, Martin Elementary and Martin Primary will continue.

Field trips, non-essential public gatherings or club meetings after school are suspended until after spring break, the statement said.

All athletic games and practices are cancelled until April.

The release asks students, parents and community members to remain open to changes. The situation, they said, is fluid.

"Circumstances may change rapidly," said the release.

They will continue to assess needs after spring break.

Keep checking in with WUTM for your updates. We will be on air giving you updates on 90.3-FM the Hawk until further notice. We will continue updating our website and social media (@wutmradio) with breaking news.

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