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UT Martin athletes ready to return to normal

All over the United States, college sports have been put on hold during the pandemic.

The University of Tennessee at Martin athletic trainers are working hard to make sure sports teams get back to their normal schedules.

The UT Martin athletic community is sad to lose time on the field.

Trainer Kelli Polizzi icing athlete Paige Pipkin

Kelli Polizzi, the head trainer, and her staff are taking precautions by taking athletes' temperatures before entering the training room. They are also required to wear masks.

Polizzi and her staff believe if the students follow basic safety guidelines and procedures the number of COVID-19 cases should decrease.

"Proper hygiene, make sure you're washing your hands, wearing your mask, and staying six feet apart."

The athletic teams at UT Martin are trying to get back to their normal schedule.

Sophomore guard, Paige Pipkin, believes things can go back to normal if they follow safety guidelines.

"My teammates and I are doing the best we can so we can start back playing the game we love," Pipkin said.

To keep up with COVID-19 cases at UT Martin, check out WUTM's daily local COVID-19 update.

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