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Union City Schools move online due to spike in COVID cases

As Tennessee sees a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases, local schools are making changes.

Director of Union City Schools Wes Kennedy announced all three schools will transition to virtual learning Monday, Nov. 16, according to a press release.

The Tennessee Department of Health reported 239 active COVID-19 cases in Obion County on Monday, Nov. 9.

Between high case and quarantine numbers, too many students are out of school. Because of that, the schools will go virtual from Nov. 16-24. Thanksgiving Break is still as originally scheduled for Nov. 25-27, the release said.

“It’s certainly not something we wanted to do. At the same time, it was what we believe we have to do,” Kennedy said in the release.

When students transition online, no extracurricular activities will meet.

Director of Food Servies Nan Tilghman says students can still get food at school. Any student interested in a meal should contact their school Friday with their request.

Officials say they will decide whether or not to resume in-person class on Nov. 30 at a later date.

Online learning has been especially difficult for younger students, so Kennedy addressed that issue.

The release announced PreK-4th grade students will Distance Learn on a blended plan using packets sent home by teachers with students.

Students at UC Middle and High Schools will receive live instruction from each of their teachers, the release says. Families without internet access should contact their principals.

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