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Union City High School earns honors, even in hard times

Union City High School has earned ranks among the very best in schools in the nation and in Tennessee.

U.S. News and World Report has ranked UCHS as one of the "Best High Schools" for the fifth time in the last six years in its annual rankings of high schools across America. Union City achieved the elite "Best High School" designation and opportunity to display a trademarked award banner.

UCHS earned similar statuses in 2015, '16, '17 and '19.

Union City High ranked 33rd overall in Tennessee - the highest among rural West Tennessee schools and of nearly 400 schools in the state, according to USNWR data.

The highest ranking schools are those whose attendees exceed expectations in math and reading state assessments, pass an array of college-level exams and graduate in high proportions.

“What a wonderful tribute to the continued commitment to academic excellence of our entire student body, our faculty and our staff,” said UCHS Principal Jacob Cross, an alumnus of the school.

“This type of recognition on both the national and state stage is something that will never become old hat – no matter how many times it happens. It continues to make me a proud UCHS graduate as well as an administrator in our system.”

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