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SGA 2023 Election Results

The polls closed at 6 on Tuesday for the Student Government Association's annual elections. A total of 922 logged on to vote in this year's contested election. This was the first election to have multiple parties since 2019.

Faith Pilkington won the Presidency (UTM United) with 476 votes (51.62%) over Lena Sims (Empower) with 446 votes (48.37%). Madeleine Griffey (UTM United) received 487 votes (52.81%) over Claire Hatch (Empower) with 435 votes (47.18%) to win the Vice President position. Secretary General-elect will be Carter Coleman (Empower) who won with 492 votes (53.36%) against Iman Ahmed (UTM United) who had 430 votes (46.63%). And the Press Secretary position will remain as Colby Maclin (Empower) who received 489 votes (53.03%) over Ryesa McGehee (UTM United) who garnered 433 votes (46.96%).

Taylor Cantrell (UTM United) will serve as the UT Martin Advisory Board Student Representative next year. She received 625 votes (67.78%) against a candidate that withdrew.

The Justices serving in next year will be Jayna Page (683 votes/36.7%), Alec Mothersele (601 votes/32.29%), Damien Hanks (577 votes/31%). Justices all ran Independently as they are not allowed to run with parties.

Dawson Gremmels (Empower) received 481 votes (52.16%) and will serve as the Graduate Senator. He won against Bethany Franks who got 441 votes (47.83%).

Senators for the College of Agriculture and Applied Science:

  • Seth Byrd (UTM United, 112 votes/15.09%)

  • Taylor Cantrell (UTM United, 105 votes/14.15%)

  • Casey Bohr Jr. (Empower, 87 votes/11.72%)

  • Anndee Haley (UTM United, 86 votes/11.59%)

  • Scarlett Cook (Empower, 79 votes/10.64%).

Senators for the College of Business and Global Affairs:

  • Colton Burress (Empower, 111 votes/18.65%)

  • McKenzie McKennon (Empower, 103 votes/17.3%)

  • Dylan Davis (Empower, 87 votes/14.62%)

  • Ayden Carroll (UTM United, 85 votes/14.28%).

Senators for the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences Senators:

  • Anna Holt (UTM United, 63 votes/29.03%)

  • Savannah Kuhns (UTM United 56 votes/25.8%).

Senators for the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences:

  • Anna Holt (UTM United, 63 votes/25.8%)

  • Savannah Kuhn (UTM United, 56 votes/25.8%)

Senators for the College of Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences:

  • Keelen Yates (Empower, 162 votes/8.45%)

  • Joana Aguirre (Empower, 160 votes/8.35%)

  • Addie Zantop (Empower, 145 votes/ 7.56%)

  • Will Crawford (Empower, 143 votes/7.42%)

  • Grant Ream (UTM United, 135 votes/7.04%)

  • Jamarion "Mookie" Higgins (Empower, 131 votes/6.83%)

  • Madison Owen (Empower, 129 votes/6.73%)

  • Madison Gray (UTM United, 128 votes/6.68%)

  • Taylor Lollar (Empower, 128 votes/6.68%).

Senators for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts:

  • Lauryn Davis (UTM United, 6- votes/14.18%)

  • Mmachukwu "Favour" Osisioma (UTM United, 51 votes/13.47%)

  • Martha Jane "MJ" Hooper (UTM United, 51 votes/12.05%)

  • Ella Sego (UTM United, 47 votes/11.11%)

  • Maleia Bigham (UTM United, 46 votes/10.87%)

  • Madison Bixler (Empower, 44 votes/10.4%)

  • Kathryn Redlund (Empower, 43 votes/10.16%)

  • Elle Edwards (Empower, 42 votes, 9.92%)

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