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Rope Pull: Day 1

Months of hard work were put to good use yesterday at 4 behind the Student Rec Center when two sororities and four fraternities faced off in the first match-up.

Chi Omega faced Sigma Alpha went head-to-head. After a few minutes of a motionless stand-off, the tape crossed to Chi Omega's half.

Participant in Rope Pull for Chi Omega, Parker Albright, gives her all each pull for her teammates.

"So many things go through your mind, but you just stay focused on what you're supposed to do."

Albright said she and her sisters have been practicing for two and a half months.

"It's a good feeling," Albright said of Chi Omega's win.

As for the fraternities, Kappa Alpha Order faced off against Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon pulled against Pi Kappa Alpha. KA and Sig Ep took the rope in their match-ups.

Member of KA, Stuart Warner, was excited to see his brothers' hard work met with success.

"The guys practiced real hard and got a lot better than I thought they were going to be."

Warner is an advisor for Rope Pull, and watching his team pull can be just as nerve-wracking as being on the rope, he believes.

"I was thinkin', hopefully they stay on the rope, don't break. Hope they have a whole lot of heart going into it, that's for sure."

Alpha Gamma Rho has their first pull today.

Alpha Delta Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha will pull today as well. The winner between the two will face off against Chi Omega for the championship on Friday at 3:30.

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