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Rand Paul spends time in Mayfield and Paducah

Republican Senator Rand Paul was in Mayfield yesterday to speak to local leaders at the Purchase Area Development District building, reports WPSD.

When asked about his opinion on President Trump's impeachment inquiry, Paul said the whistleblower needs to come forward because of the effects an impeachment inquiry can have even though he does understand the importance of whistleblowers' anonymity.

Trump has voiced his desire to have a confrontation with the whistleblower.

Paul expressed his support of Trump and said that he doesn't believe the president broke any laws. He said that the president should have a certain level of privacy, including private phone calls.

The anonymous complaint is in regards to a phone call Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Allegations of quid pro quo arose when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Reportedly, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden's son.

This is only the fourth time a president has undergone an impeachment inquiry.

According to WPSD, Paul will be in Paducah today to speak at the Rotary Club at the Carson Center. He'll leave the area on Thursday.

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