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Public Safety Student Dispatcher Positions Open

Public Safety is welcoming on student dispatchers. Read more information below, or check out the job posting here.

Public Safety Student Dispatcher

MUST BE WILLING TO WORK NIGHTS, WEEKENDS (INCLUDING DAYS), FALL, SPRING, AND SUMMER, HOLIDAYS, ALL SCHOOL BREAKS! Typically a dispatcher will work 2-3 shifts a week with hours totaling 16 hours to 24 hours but will need to be available to work extra shifts if dictated.

To dispatch the University of Tennessee at Martin Police Department and other Response Units to the correct location with accurate and adequate information once a call for service/assistance is known to exist. To save lives and minimize property damage by dispatching units in a timely and accurate manner.

Dispatcher Duties:

· Monitor all equipment in the Dispatch Office and Lobby Area and ensure that everything is always in operational conditions.

· Receive and record, as necessary, information from people via radio, telephone, in person, computer, etc.

· Dispatch pertinent information to the appropriate response units as needed, in a timely manner.

· Maintain accurate, up to date, and complete records through the department’s various forms of information storage banks – Ex. Computer Aided Dispatch, Lost and Found Log, etc.

· Maintain a professional and efficient working environment.

· Act as a receptionist for the department and provide information to persons as necessary.

· Act as an operator for the university.

· Be extremely knowledgeable of the dispatcher policies and procedures and ensure that they can perform the duties detailed therein.

· Be a Great Representative for the University of Tennessee at all Times.

One of the primary missions of the University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe and orderly environment for the University to conduct its day-to-day business with minimal interruption. The Department of Public Safety Officers are fully commissioned in the City of Martin and by the State of Tennessee for on campus property and surrounding areas. They have the same responsibilities and authority as your hometown police departments. They are on duty 24/7-365!

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