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"Momentary Leadership" on campus speaker

The College of Business and Global Affairs is welcoming Dr. Jeffrey McClellan on campus on October 26 to speak about "Momentary Leadership."

In the Gooch Hall lecture hall at 6 pm, hear about "How Leaders and Followers Co-create Leadership from Moment to Moment." This presentation explores how our understanding of leadership is changing as we are coming to view leadership less as what a leader does and more as a co-creative process between leaders and followers. Implications of this shift in paradigms are explored and participants are invited to reflect on what it means for them in their own leadership moments.

Dr. Jeffrey McClellan earned his Ph. D. from Gonzaga University in Leadership Studies. He is a Professor of Management at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland, and former advising administrator. He is an experienced consultant, teacher, coach, trainer and speaker. His expertise is in leadership and management. He has been publishing journal articles, and presenting nationally and internationally on topics related to international leadership development, leadership in Latin America, servant leadership, and academic advising.

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