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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: Updates from Turkey, Germany's shooting, endless impeachment updates

Turkey's Military Offensive

Turkey launched its military offensive into northeastern Syria, hitting Kurdish forces with airstrikes. CNN reports that it was a chaotic scene on the ground. Traffic was gridlocked and people were running to safety.

According to CNN, the Kurdish forces have dropped their counter-ISIS operations to focus on the Turkish offensive, raising fears that all of this could help ISIS return to power. US officials are worried that thousands of ISIS fighters may escape prisons in Syria.

President Trump says this isn't America's problem because fighters would be "escaping to Europe."

German Shooting

A gunman who attacked a German synagogue would've caused much more trauma if he'd been able to open the doors.

That fact likely spared the lives of the 70 to 80 people inside. They were there celebrating Yom Kippur, a Jewish high holiday.

The attack was live-streamed on Twitch and appeared similar to the Christchurch attack in New Zealand last March.

Impeachment Updates

House Democrats are prepping a wave of subpoenas after the Trump administration said it would ignore them. Democrats are now threatening to call associates of Rudy Giuliani and State Department officials.

According to CNN, this would include former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. She's set for an interview tomorrow, but she may not appear because she's still a State Department employee.

Democrats are debating whether to hold a vote to formally authorize the impeachment inquiry. The White House and Trump's GOP defenders say until that happens, the entire effort is invalid.

CNN reports about a new poll that says more than half of US voters want the President impeached and removed from office.

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