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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: Impeachment makes news again

Impeachment goes public

The House's impeachment inquiry will go public today when two officials give televised testimonies.

According to CNN, the format will be different than previous high-profile public hearings, though. Leaders of the House Intelligence Committees will get 45-minute blocks to ask questions rather than a quick back-and-forth.

Democrats hope that this will give them time to walk through witness stories without interruption.

Republicans hope that this will lead to more transparency within the inquiry.

Livestreams of the hearings are available on CNN's Youtube Channel.

Emails leaked

Leaked 2015 emails reveal that the controversial senior White House political adviser promoted stories from white nationalist organizations. Stephen Miller is known for his strict immigration stance, and emails show him trying to connect stories about hurricanes to the possibility of increased immigration, race and crime. Some emails link to sites and articles that express anti-Muslim speech. The messages were published by the Souther Poverty Law Center, and the organization says it will release more over time.

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