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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: back for the new year

Happy New Year! Kayla's Morning Kickstart is back for the new year and new decade. WUTM News will be on air again on Monday, Jan. 20. Until then, I've got your national and international headlines.

Democratic Debate

The Democratic presidential candidate field has shrunk considerably since the start of the race. Only six candidates took the stage on Tuesday in Des Moines after Cory Booker dropped out earlier this week.

Front-runners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders drew attention this week as they battled on issues of sexism in the presidential race (more on that here). Even though things got a little awkward, people are buzzing about Warren's responses.

Each threw in their opinion of war, and Joe Biden said he regrets voting for the war in Iraq. Warren, Sanders, Biden and Pete Buttigieg are at the top of the field. Check out Kickstart updates to see how the debate plays into their layout.


Not only was it a topic in Tuesday's debate, but the UK, France and Germany acknowledged that Iran broke the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran announced last week that it would end all commitments with the deal. Since then, three EU countries have attempted to get Iran to fall in line with the deal.


As we all know, President Donald Trump was impeached during the break. The House has impeached him, but it's up to the Senate if he will be removed from office. As of today, according to CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has revealed the seven impeachment managers that will head the trial. The House will vote on those managers, and, if they pass, the trial could begin as soon as this week.

Climate and Health

The climate crisis seems to affect health. The World Health Organization announced the urgent health challenges facing the world. According to WHO, air pollution kills about 7 million people a year. The release also said the flu vaccine may not keep children from getting the flu.

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