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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Primaries in New Hampshire

CNN -- Bernie Sanders landed a victory last night in New Hampshire as the Democratic primaries continue. Former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who won the Iowa caucuses, still has a slight lead in the overall delegate count. Amy Klobuchar finished in third. This left Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren struggling with disappointing results. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang announced as soon as results were called that he is ending his campaign. The race shifts now to South Carolina and Nevada.

Buttigieg endorsement

AP -- Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is picking up his first endorsement among South Carolina's black lawmakers as attention in the early voting contest turns toward more diverse states. Buttigieg's campaign announced Wednesday that he would be receiving backing from State Rep. JA Moore, a Democrat from Charleston. Moore previously backed Sen. Kamala Harris.


CNN -- The number of new Coronavrius cases in mainland China has leveled off for the first time in weeks, which could signal a break in the epidemic. It could also invite new questions about testing methods and the virus' incubation period. Health officials in Hong Kong are investigating whether the virus can be spread through pipes and drains after two residents on different floors of an apartment were infected. Forty more cases have been confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Meanwhile, health officials disagree with President Trump's claim that the virus will die out when it warms up.


AP -- The start of the 2020 census is just a month away for most US residents. With that deadline looming, Census Bureau director Steven Dillingham is going to Capitol Hill to update lawmakers about the agency's readiness. The Census is the largest peacetime operation the federal government undertakes.

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