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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Academy Awards

CNN -- The 92nd Academy Awards marked a historic night for international cinema. The South Korean film "Parasite" dominated the evening and became the first non-English film to win the best picture award. The film also won Oscars for best director, best screenplay and best international feature. Last night left many movie buffs wondering if Hollywood may be ready to reward more international films. As for American actors, Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and used his acceptance speech to make an impeachment joke. Joaquin Phoenix called for equality and activism during his best actor speech.

New Hampshire primaries on horizon

CNN -- The New Hampshire primaries are just a day away, and the Democratic candidates are still trying to sort through the remainders of last week's Iowa caucus mess. Pete Buttigieg barely beat Bernie Sanders in Iowa, but CNN data shows Sanders is still the favorite to win in New Hampshire. Voter turnout was 25 percent lower than when Barack Obama won in 2008.


CNN -- A new nightmare is unfolding on a cruise ship in Japan where 135 people are confirmed to have contracted the virus. The 3,700 people on board have been under quarantine for a week now, and officials say it's been difficult to test and treat people who are ill. The virus killed 97 people in China on Sunday alone, making it the deadliest day yet. At least 910 people have now died worldwide and more than 40,000 have been sickened. Millions of people in China went back to work today. However, many cities are urging people to stay home from work if possible.

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