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Kayla's Morning Kickstart


A review of the President's interactions with Russia have shifted to a criminal investigation. This will likely raise concerns that the President overstepped the limitations of government to go after their rivals.

Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing back strong against this inquiry. After a group barged into a private meeting earlier in the week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham said Trump is being denied the basic rights given to any other American.


Trump is facing criticism because he has worked to shift the focus of the issues in Syria to what he calls their "promise land." That, of course, is their oil fields. The US is considering sending a stronger defense of the land to Syria, including tanks, to support the troops there.

Trump suggested in a tweet that Syrian Kurds should move from their homelands to the eastern region that houses the oil fields.

California Wildfires

California is, once again, suffering from a string of wildfires. It is too soon to know for sure how the fire started, but the investigation is underway. California residents have struggled with power outages through the week.

The Highlights

A new study finds that young people who use flavored tobacco products are more likely to continue using tobacco products later in life.

A series of tornados in Dallas will cost the city about $2 billion.

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