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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Weinstein Trial

Witnesses have been delivering heart-wrenching testimony in the trial of movie producer Harvey Weinstein. One witness, Jessica Mann, suffered a panic attack yesterday while on the stand that made her end her testimony. She said Weinstein forced her into sex acts over the course of what she described as an abusive relationship. Mann is set to take the stand again today. Weinstein faces five charges, including two counts of predatory sexual assault that could carry a life sentence.

Iowa Caucus

The 2020 election cycle is off to a slow start. There are no results from last night's Iowa caucuses. A vote-reporting issue delayed results in the contest, leaving candidates and voters frustrated. Officials from two campaigns say they were told an app used to tabulate votes crashed, and the Iowa Democratic Party said it found inconsistencies in some vote sets. Meanwhile, next weeks New Hampshire primary looms large.

Biden Endorsement

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him Democrats' "best bet" to win the White House. The Kennedy family has been a major force in Massachusetts politics for generations. The endorsement of Biden by President John F. Kennedy's daughter comes the day the 2020 Democratic contest lands in New Hampshire, which holds its primary next week. Caroline Kennedy is a former ambassador to Japan. She announced her decision this morning in the Boston Globe.

Climate Concerns

The world's glacier's are melting at a worrying rate. According to CNN, scientists have concluded that it's not just warming air that's wearing them down. They found that warm ocean water is flowing under the massive sheet of ice in Greenland, causing it to melt faster. Mass loss from Greenland's ice sheet is currently the largest driver of sea level rise globally, and that one sheet holds enough water to raise global sea levels by 24 feet.

Impeachment Trial

The trial is winding down. House impeachment managers and President Trump's legal team used their allotted two hours each to give their closing arguments. The trial will end tomorrow after a vote to acquit or convict the President. Senators are expecting an acquittal since Republicans lead the Senate.

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