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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Kobe Bryant's helicopter

The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant didn't have a recommended warning system to alert the pilot he was too close to land, but it's not clear if it would have averted the crash that killed nine. Federal investigators say the pilot may have lost control as the aircraft plunged into a fog-covered mountain.

Middle Eastern plan

The Trump administration revealed its Middle East plan, which they say is a realistic two-state option. Palestinians, though, believe that it caters to Israeli interest, including the annexation of its settlements in the contested West Bank region. The plan doesn't lay out what will happen with displaced refugees. Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner criticized Palestinians for rejecting it and urged them to accept the plan.

"75% of Americans"

Opening arguments in the impeachment trial of President Trump are over. The fight now is whether the Senate will subpoena witnesses. The debate will take place on Friday. If the vote fails, the Senate may acquit the President, and the trial will end. The phrase, "75% of Americans" trended yesterday on Twitter because Quinnipiac University poll said that 75 percent of Americans believe the Senate should allow witness testimonies.

Wuhan Coronavirus

Countries continue to bring their citizens home from China as the Wuhan coronavirus raises concerns. According to CNN, South Korea is preparing their borders in case the illness spreads that far. Research teams in Hong Kong and Australia are learning more about the illness. A vaccine is in the works. At least 132 people are dead and over 6,000 cases are confirmed in mainland China.

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