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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Happy One Month to the Inquiry

It's been a month since House Democrats raised official questions about Trump's interaction with Ukraine. Things have only gotten more confusing.

A group of House Republicans barged into a closed-door House Intelligence Committee meeting yesterday, claiming that they're unhappy about the transparency of the inquiry.

The interruption pushed Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Laura Cooper's interview back about five hours. In the end, Cooper's testimony supported the idea that the interaction was outside the norm.


The Trump administration is working on an agreement with Guatemala to limit who is available for asylum.

Guatemala would be able to act as a safe place for migrants who seek asylum. The US allows immigrants to claim asylum unless they travel through a place that is deemed safe.

This is meant to decrease the number of immigrants seeking asylum in the US. The opposition says that this agreement can put the vulnerable in harms way.

Murder investigation in Essex

British police confirmed that 39 people found dead in a container truck near an English port were Chinese citizens. The Essex Police force says the dead found yesterday in the southeastern city of Grays included 31 men and eight women. The 25-year-old driver, who is from Northern Ireland, is being questioned on the suspicion of attempted murder but has not been charged.

Facebook Trial

Facebook's founder was heavily questioned yesterday during a testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the platform's controversial cryptocurrency project. Mark Zuckerberg admitted the company would rethink its involvement in the project if it doesn't get US approval.

The Highlights

The House passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a felony.

A study shows that chocolate chip cookies could be as addictive as marijuana or cocaine.

A new study shows 9,700 premature deaths might be attributed to poor air quality.

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