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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Fresno Shooting

Four people are dead and six are wounded after a shooting at a football watch party in Fresno on Sunday, Nov. 17. Authorities say an unknown suspect walked into the yard of a home and began shooting into a crowd. There's no sign that the suspect knew anyone there, and police haven't published any details about the suspect's appearance or vehicle description.

2020 Election

Kentucky's election ended with an upset after voters chose a Democratic governor. Louisiana's election had a similar result. Voters chose John Bel Edwards against his Republican opponent on Saturday, and his victory is used as a measure of President Trump's influence leading up to the 2020 election. This weekend's results kick off what will likely be another interesting week on the campaign trail. Ten Democratic candidates will gather in Atlanta on Wednesday for the next debate.


House impeachment investigators released a transcript of Jennifer Williams' closed door deposition on Saturday. President Trump tweeted attacks against Williams, an aid to VP Mike Pence, who said in a deposition that Trump's phone call with Ukraine was "inappropriate." Williams is set to testify publicly this week, and she faces criticism from the President.

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