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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: Mexico's attack, changes to HIV and a recent Trump ruling

Mexico's attack

Three American women and six kids were killed yesterday, and authorities still can't identify the man who fired the 200 shots. The US and Mexico place blame on two different cartels. Eight kids survived the shooting.

Changes in HIV strain

Scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV, which hasn't happened in about 20 years. The virus causes AIDS, and it has different strains with the ability to change and mutate over time. About 37 million people worldwide are living with HIV.

Conscience rule

A federal judge is throwing out the Trump administration's "conscience" rule. It would have made it easier for health care workers to refuse services like abortions or sterilization if it went against their religious beliefs. This move is seen as an attempt to build religious freedom. Critics say health care workers should provide services regardless of personal opinion. Several states, as well as Planned Parenthood, sued the administration over it.

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