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A look into the future for UT Martin and the workplace post-pandemic.

To say the last year has been a struggle for everyone is an understatement.

From a student’s perspective, countless hours are spent each day behind a computer screen listening to lectures and completing assignments just to stay afloat. However, all this struggle is not for nothing, according to University of Tennessee at Martin career counselor, Melanie Young.

Young hosted an event Thursday, March 18 to walk students through the NACE Career Competency Guidelines for college students. She said everyone has become more marketable with the skills they have learned during the pandemic.

She said the pandemic has been good preparation for the future UT Martin graduates can expect to see in the workforce.

“This is a great training ground for how to work remotely and how to work with new technology while maintaining professionalism in the workplace."

Young said remote classes and work will be a vital part in the future of the university. However, she is hopeful it will only get easier with the progression of more remote technology like Zoom and future advancements made by the university.

“I don’t know where things are going, but I am excited to see what the possibilities are,” Young explained as she discussed the ways learning has become more of an opportunity during the quarantine.

Young explained that "students’ experience of having to be immediately flexible and adaptable” is their most marketable skill in future careers and they should identify this success now and carry it.

“[Students] have had a trial by fire and I would venture to say the vast majority of the UTM students are coming out on the other end and coming out more resilient than ever.”

Young wanted to focus on students' current successes, along with the success of the entire university, with a bright look into the future.

For the full interview with Young, click here.

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