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UT Martin Students Ride the Struggle Bus

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry on UT Martin's campus set up a wooden cut-out of a school bus in the University Center hallway at 11 a.m. Monday for students to write what is troubling them.

The yellow bus - referred to as the "Struggle Bus" - featured everything from health issues to homework. BCM's leader Cassidy Lowry hopes that this chance to rant helps students.

"I think that seeing that other people are struggling with maybe the same things or different things let them know that their struggle is okay and that they're not alone."

The BCM is very active at UTM, especially with activities like this. Tuesday, participants can ask God questions "what if" questions on a large wooden "I" and "F." This is designed to develop a spiritual dialogue.

"I get very excited. I love the BCM so much," said Lowry. "It's awesome just to share the love of Christ through our campus and just let them know that we're here for them through everything."

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