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UT Martin students cut the stigma

Students stood tall in all black yesterday in the University Center hallway to break the sigma surrounding mental health.

Students held signs with facts about mental health and took photos to encourage a healthy outlook. This was to promote the Stigma Cutting Ceremony on Nov. 12 at 5.

Student Health and Counseling Services coordinator, John'na Webster, hopes events like this will help students talk more openly about mental health and wellness.

"It's always interesting that they seem uncomfortable talking about it," Webster says of students on campus. "When a person is ready to get help, I'm always encouraging them, especially utilizing the campus resources."

Student Health and Counseling Services has 3 counselors available for appointment during the week. There are also walk-in hours.

"Sometimes people are kind of reluctant to come seek help with us," Webster says.

Events like the Stigma Cutting Ceremony are meant to encourage students to seek help in their mental health.

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