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SGA Election Results

The University of Tennessee at Martin's Student Government Association held their annual election this week. Polls were open Tuesday and Wednesday, and results were announced on Facebook Live Wednesday night.

The Martin Student Alliance Party and the Unity Party ran with a slate of executive council members, senators and a platform.

The Martin Student Alliance Party won the EC positions, with the Unity Party winning the majority in the Senate.

Veronica Kanka ran with no opposition for Press Secretary. Jacob Butler secured 54% of the vote against Cheyenne Deweese for Secretary General. Sidney Church won 60% of the vote against Sarolyn Fox for Vice President. Hunter McCloud beat Logan Hendrickson for President with 53% of the vote.

The justices are Mackaela Hammonds and Mercedes Scott.

UT Martin Student Advisory Board Members are:

-Emma Hillard

-Matthew Grant

-Anthony Osborne

The 2020-21 Senators are, divided by college:

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

-Kelsea Koonce

-Ethan Bledsoe

-Trevor Boals

-Treasure Howard

-Jack Garrett

College of Business and Global Affairs

-Dawson Gremmels

-Olivia Morris

-Mireya Carrion

College of Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences

-Sydney Roney

-Gracie Barber

-Eric Jackson

-Bri'Ann Goode

-Abigail Webb

-Sean Hackett

-Christian Beauregaurd

-Amber Staten

-Bryana Maclin

-Jaciaye Isom

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

-Gavin Stanfield

-Evelyn Aune

-Anthony Osborne

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

-Alexis Millsaps

-Callie Dunlap

-Krossmon Brown

-Shelby Batson

-Solomon Watkins

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