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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: unrest, elections, impeachment, trial


Over the weekend, three people died in a supermarket fire that was linked to dayslong protests over a proposed hike in public transportation costs. Unrest led to a city-wide curfew and the President said ministers will suspend the plan to increase ticket prices.

Spain is in a similar boat. CNN reported that last Monday, the politicians were handed heavy sentences by the Spanish supreme court for their role in an independence movement that tried to separate Catalonia from the rest of Spain two years ago.

Violent protests in Hong Kong have entered their 20th week.

Canada's elections

Voters in Canada have to decide on their general election today, and it looks like it will be a close one. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a liberal, and Andrew Scheer, a conservative, are the two top contenders.

Trudeau and Scheer have been tied consistently throughout the election. Because Canada acts on a parliamentary system, the winning candidate needs 170 seats. CNN reported polls show neither Trudeau nor Scheer are near that threshold.

Though well-liked in general, Trudeau has run into scandals and issues in the last months. In September, he admitted to wearing blackface during a school event two decades ago.

Mulvaney walks back on statements

CNN reported the White House may start the week in damage-control mode after acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spent the weekend trying to walk back comments he made last week that seemed the reveal a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine.

On Thursday, he told reporters that the Trump administration held money for Ukraine because of an investigation into the 2016 election. Yesterday, sources told CNN that Mulvaney faced efforts to remove him before House Democrats moved forward with their impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Opioid crisis trial

The first federal trial on the U.S. opioid crisis is to focus on how prescription painkillers were distributed. AP News said opening statements on the case are scheduled for today, though a last-minute settlement is possible. Most of the drugmakers who were in the case have reached settlements already, leaving the key questions about whether the distributors should have stopped suspicious shipments.

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