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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

2020 Election

After today, Democrats will be one step closer to knowing who the nominee for the presidential race will be. Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington hold primaries today. According to CNN polls, Joe Biden has a leg up over Bernie Sanders in Michigan, which has 125 delegates up for grabs. The last two weeks saw major changes to the Democratic field as Sanders, Biden and Tulsi Gabbard continue the race.

Coronavirus strikes economy

The economy is suffering due to the surge of coronavirus cases, but President Trump is expected to announce an economic stimulus plan Tuesday afternoon in hopes of helping the market. According to CNN, Trump says they will seek a payroll tax cut and will consider relief options for hourly workers. White House officials support the idea of expanding paid sick leave to avoid the risk of people going to work sick. Nothing is decided yet, but the New York Federal Reserve has put at least $50 billion into the financial system to ease the stress after the Dow plunged more than 2,000 points yesterday.

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