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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

ISIS leader dead

President Donald Trump surprised the nation yesterday morning when he announced ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in a raid conducted by the US military in Syria on Saturday.

During a news conference, the President said Baghdadi ignited a suicide bomb when cornered by US forces. CNN said Baghdadi's death marks the end of a years-long hunt to find one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.

World Series

The World Series wouldn't normally make the cut for political news, but it does when the President gets booed for attending. Trump was displayed on National Park's video screen, and the crowd responded with cheers, boos and chants of "lock him up." Democratic leaders condemn the crowd's actions.

Hill resigns

Freshman representative Katie Hill, a rising Democratic star in the House, is resigning amid an ethics probe, saying explicit private photos of her with a campaign staffer had been "weaponized" by her husband and political operatives.

AP News reported the California Democrat had been hand-picked for a coveted leadership seat. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Hill acknowledged that these choices mean she had to resign from Congress.

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