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Kayla's Morning Kickstart


CNN -- As the coronavirus continues to spread, some countries are working to evacuate passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that has been quarantined in Japanese waters since February 3. There are at least 359 people on board who have been diagnosed with the virus. The US has already begun evacuating some of the more than 400 Americans on board, with the understanding that they will undergo a 14-day quarantine once off the ship. Canada, Italy and Hong Kong are evacuating their citizens. The virus has killed 1,775 people so far and sickened more than 71,000 people worldwide.

2020 Election

CNN -- The Iowa Democratic Party begun a partial recanvass of the state's caucus precinct results Sunday. The process should take two days, and will consist of election authorities double-checking vote tallies and reports. If the results stay the same, Pete Buttigieg will remain the official winner of the contest, edging out Bernie Sanders in the state delegate count by 0.1 percent. However, the Sanders campaign will hope to shift one delegate from Buttigieg. Meanwhile, voting is on in Nevada and Super Tuesday states.

Department of Justice

CNN -- Attorney General William Barr is under pressure to resign after he overruled the sentencing recommendation of the prosecution team in the trial of former Trump adviser Roger Stone. All four prosecutors then withdrew from the case. He's more than under fire, actually. More than 1,110 former Justice Department officials have endorsed a statement asking for Barr to resign.

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