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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Alabama Flooding

AP -- An Alabama school system is calling off classes because flooding affected its public water supply. The Morgan County Sheriff's Office says Hartselle schools are canceled because water from a rising creek flooded a water pumping station. Utility officials are asking citizens to conserve water. Transportation officials have shut down a major highway leading to Huntsville because of a crack that developed after days of heavy rain.

Red Cross of Georgia

AP -- The American Red Cross of Georgia is celebrating the most lives saved in a single month from its ongoing effort to install free smoke alarms. The agency planned a ceremony in Rock Spring, GA, to recognize families saved by the alarm.

Train derailment

AP -- Emergency crews are on the scene of a fiery train derailment in eastern Kentucky. A Pike County Emergency Management official says two crew members of the CSX train were initially trapped this morning. He wasn't sure whether they were injured but said crews were trying to get them out. He said a flammable liquid was leaking into a nearby waterway. The derailment happened in a rural area near the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River.


CNN -- Experts that believed that the Wuhan coronavirus, but that is not the case. 242 deaths and 14,000 more cases were reported Wednesday. The spike is partly due to the fact that doctors are now diagnosing patients based on their symptoms and not based on the test.

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