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Flight Crew Soars Through Their First Semester

Concerts, contests and giveaways are just a few of the events the University of Tennessee at Martin's Flight Crew has coordinated this semester.

Flight Crew is a new organization of diverse students on campus whose main focus is making this semester more fun and exciting for UT Martin Students.

Flight Crew Instagram Page

Members are planning what events they'll host next semester.

"We'll be doing more on-campus events that are socially distanced and require a mask but, we'll definitely be hosting more events in person and virtually," said Sinahi Carrizales, a member of the Flight Crew.

Any student can be a member of Flight Crew.

Carrizales encouraged anyone who is interested to reach out.

"Contact Mr. John Blue or Mr. John Abel. We'd love to have more people."

For more information and updates about future events, follow utm_flightcrew on Instagram.

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