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Alpha Delta Pi hosts fall formal

Alpha Delta Pi hosted its Black Diamond formal on Friday, Nov. 6. It was the first formal hosted by a fraternity or sorority this semester at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

The formal honored The Great Gatsby with black and gold decorations and 20s-themed activities.

The ADPi chapter utilized safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of everyone in attendance. This included: masks, social distancing, and a limited capacity.

ADPi member, Kailey Duffy, says the event was meaningful to her.

"ADPI chapter gave us a night that will last forever, we had lots of laughs, enjoyed some great food, took pictures and made memories that will last a lifetime," Duffy said.

To stay informed with all future events around the UT Martin campus, visit Runway.

Left to right: Elizabeth Hatley, Kailey Duffy, Skylar Johnson

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