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WestStar Accepting Applications

WestStar Press Release 9/16/19:

UT Martin's WestStar leadership program is now accepting applications for the class of 2020. This program, the largest and oldest regional leadership development program in Tennessee, boasts 856 graduates to date and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the fall.

The WestStar program consists of eight specially designed seminar programs addressing contemporary issues important to West Tennessee's development, including agriculture, transportation, economic development, public policy, education, tourism and technology. The program begins Dec. 10 with an opening one-day retreat and ends June 25, 2020, with an evening graduation ceremony.

The WestStar mission is to identify, encourage and equip community-minded people who want to become involved in West Tennessee's economic success and are willing to accept leadership roles.

Participants learn leadership skills and develop strategies to help communities solve problems and maximize potential. Participants also become part of a growing network of WestStar alumni who help shape West Tennessee's future. WestStar is committed to advancing the regional and global community through outreach and service.

For additional information or to apply, contact the WestStar Leadership program at 731-881-7298 or visit The application deadline is Oct. 11. Anyone can apply to participate in the program; nominations are accepted but not required.

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