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Weakley County couple arrested for child neglect

Photo credits: WPSD Local 6

WPSD Local 6 says a Weakley County man and woman were arrested in Weakley County after a toddler was found walking down the road.

Wednesday afternoon, Weakley County Sheriff's deputies were called about a 2-year-old walking in the middle of Old State Route 22 between Gleason and McKenzie.

WPSD Local 6 says the child was wearing pajamas and a backpack had almost been hit by more than one car. Local 6 also says a driver stopped to call deputies about the child.

Local 6 says the toddler's mother was found and admitted to leaving the child with her boyfriend, Nathaniel Noah, and another friend, Samatha Jones, while she went to pick up other kids from school.

Noah and Jones were arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. Local 6 says they were taken to the Weakley County Jail. Child services were also advised of the situation.

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