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UT Martin Has A Conversation About #MeToo

The Office of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs hosted an event aimed at raising awareness for sexual assault Friday, March 12.

University of Tennessee at Martin faculty and students met over Zoom to discuss the impact the #MeToo Movement has had on the conversation surrounding women and sexual assault.

Margaret Lewis, a panelist at the event, discussed how the movement has benefitted women everywhere.

"The biggest benefit is that we realize how prevalent sexual assault is because the biggest hindrance to getting better at this as a society is that it's been hushed up."

She also brought up that sexual assault is a conversation that every woman inevitably has to have growing up.

"All women have either experienced sexual assault or perhaps lived their lives with the knowledge that this is something that could happen. Helping everybody, especially helping men see that this is a problem that all women deal with, has been hugely important," Lewis said.

For more information about the organization, visit the #MeToo movement's website.


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