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US and Canada To Close Border

The U.S. and Canada have agreed to temporarily close their shared border to "nonessential travel." President Donald Trump made that announcement Wednesday morning on Twitter as the two nationals work to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Associated Press, both countries are eager to choke off the spread of the virus but also maintain their vital economic relationship. Canada relies on the U.S. for 75% of its exports. About 18% of American exports go to Canada.

The President has not closed the border with Mexico, but the administration has pushed to tighten immigration restrictions, said AP.

Trump announced last week that the U.S. could ban foreign travelers from Europe for the next 30 days, according to NBC News. Later, the administration added that the restrictions would extend to travelers from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Trump announced today that he plans to hold a news conference later on a development regarding the FDA and the coronavirus, reported NBC. There has not been an announcement by the Canadian government about closing the border.