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My Black is Beautiful

The University of Tennessee at Martin's University Center was full of expression Tuesday as The Black Student Association set up shop for their "My Black is Beautiful Because" table.

Members of BSA set up in the UC from 11-1 and asked African American students: "Why is your black beautiful?" Those who passed by grabbed a marker and wrote their answer to that magic question. Students were able to express themselves freely through the use of hashtags, quotes, mantras, and much more.

Because UT Martin is a predominately white institution, UTM student, Nailah Byrd, was one of many African American students who were pleased by the opportunity to express themselves so freely on campus,"I think its dope that there's this organization that celebrates blackness. It gives the campus that notion that we are here. We do love ourselves. And we do appreciate each other in this space". Byrd went on to say, "Being on a P.W.I. and feeling safe to be able to come in the most used common areas, and say 'I love my self because'. I feel it's a confidence booster".

The "My Black is Beautiful Because" table was one in a series of events from BSA this month, as their celebration of Black History Month continues.

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