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Local COVID-19 Update

The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed 2,080 new cases of COVID-19 across the state Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The department also confirmed 21 deaths and 1,550 new recoveries.

They said Weakley County has 125 active cases, which is a decrease of three net cases since Tuesday. Weakley's total hit a recent low on Sept. 16 at 100 cases and has slowly risen and fallen since.

Obion County has 246 active cases, according to the department, which is a net increase of 14. Obion's total was down to 120 on Sept. 15 but spiked to 196 Oct. 4.

University of Tennessee at Martin officials said there are 51 active student cases, along with four faculty and staff cases. Student cases have trended upward since Aug. 25.

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