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Kayla's Morning Kickstart: Navy shooting

Navy confirms 2 dead

The US Navy is confirming that an active shooter and one other person are dead after gunfire at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. Area hospital representatives say that at least 11 people were hospitalized. The base remains locked down amid a huge law enforcement response.

Articles to be drafted

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told committee chairmen to finalize articles of impeachment against the President. Before Pelosi's announcement yesterday, President Trump tweeted that Democrats should move on with their plans for impeachment. Pelosi participated in a town hall and made it clear that Democrats aren't happy about the hearing, but that it's their civic duty to defend the Constitution. The House Judiciary Committee will hold its next impeachment hearing on Monday.

Troops to Middle East

CNN reports that the Pentagon is considering sending thousands more troops to the Middle East to defend against a new threat to US forces posed by Iran. US officials said there was fresh intelligence about a potential Iranian threat to the region. Iran's moves are part of an effort to assert power in the region.

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