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Kayla's Morning Kickstart - Finally Friday


Many people in TN woke up to a dusting of snow Friday morning (just under an inch measured in Memphis), but people around the U.S. woke up to much worse. According to the Weather Channel, snow will intensify and winds will ramp up in parts of the Northeast. After wind, rain and snow, the storms will exit New England. Winter storm warnings have been advised for parts of the mid-South, Ohio Valley and Northeast.

Coronavirus doctor dies

A Chinese doctor who tried to warn the public about the Wuhan Coronavirus has died of the disease. Li Wenliang told colleagues about the virus in December, but police accused him of spreading rumors. China is preparing to ramp up its response to the virus, which has 30,000 people sick. Every household will be checked for people with symptoms and those affected will be sent to one of more than 130 quarantine centers.

Lasting impact of impeachment

President Trump spoke publicly for the first time about his acquittal yesterday at the White House. Trump listed his political opponents, which included Nancy Pelosi and FBI Officials. While some leaders hoped the process would humble the President, he is encouraged by the acquittal. Many worry that the effects of the acquittal won't stop with President Trump. According to CNN, the trial forever strengthened the office's executive powers.

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