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Kayla's Morning Kickstart:

No News for the Inquiry

There hasn't been as much going on in impeachment news for the last week, and that will likely continue this week. All four White House officials scheduled to talk today won't show up, a source tells CNN.

Three more scheduled throughout the week likely won't show up. Democrats are still holding strong in this investigation, though. The whistleblower who came forward with concerns about President Trump's relationship with Ukraine says he or she is willing to answer written questions from Republicans.


It's never a good news when a virus is in the news. New research shows that measles can erase the immune system's memory, making you vulnerable to diseases you were previously protected from.

Measles can undo the protection vaccines provide, wiping out 11%-73% of the patients' protective antibodies. The vaccine that is 97% effective makes measles easily preventable.

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