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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

Debate in Vegas

CNN -- The Democratic presidential candidates have another chance to make their cases on the debate stage before Saturday's Nevada caucuses. Bernie Sanders goes in as the front-runner. Today's stage in Las Vegas will also feature newcomer Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire former mayor of New York City has seen a recent surge in the polls, thanks to the hundreds of millions of dollars he's spent on his campaign. Bloomberg has largely escaped the heat that comes with town halls, policy rollouts and debates. He'll likely face harsh criticism from his five opponents over support for stop and frisk policies as well as the outsize role that money has played in his rise.

Former Governor Pardoned

AP -- Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is back home in Chicago after his sentence for political corruption was commuted by President Donald Trump. Blagojevich served more than eight years of a 14-year sentence for crimes that included seeking to sell an appointment to Barack Obama's former Senate seat and trying to shake down a children's hospital. The president said the punishment imposed on the Democrat and one-time contestant on Trump's reality TV show "Celebrity Apprentice" was excessive.

Diamond Princess cruise ship

Passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship who tested negative for the novel coronavirus are finally disembarking today after weeks of quarantine in Japan. It will take days to get everyone off the ship, but infection disease experts are already raising concerns that those on board could be unknowingly carrying the virus back to their communities. More than 500 of the ship's passengers tested positive for the virus.

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