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Kayla's Morning Kickstart

2020 Election

CNN -- Voters and Democratic candidates are preparing for the next leg of the campaign trail, which will involve contests in Nevada and South Carolina later this month. Joe Biden is regrouping after disappointing showings in New Hampshire and Iowa. In Nevada, the State Democratic Party has announced some last minute changes to their caucus structure in hopes of avoiding the vote reporting disaster from Iowa. In South Carolina, there won't be a Republican primary. Under state law, GOP voters are allowed to cast ballots in the Democratic primary instead.

"Novel" Coronavirus

CNN -- The wide-spread virus probably isn't going anywhere for a long time. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said he thinks the epidemic could last into next year, and CDC officials are preparing for the possibility of a widespread outbreak of the illness in the US.

Weinstein Trial

AP -- Prosecutors are giving their closing arguments today at Harvey Weinstein's rape trial. After a lengthy defense closing yesterday, prosecutors are looking to focus the jury's attention back on the accusers who testified and their harrowing accounts of sexual assault. Prosecutors must also answer some of the defense's claims about the case. They say the two women Weinstein is charged with attacking were opportunists, who willingly latched onto the once-powerful man and used sex with him because they thought it would help their careers.

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